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Whats love got to do with it?

One of many questions I ask myself in the midst of a heated argument with my significant other(s). I’ve managed to take my zodiac sign into consideration every time I think about the amount of energy required to be in a relationship. They say, Gemini’s are knows as the air sign. This element is best used to describe the sense of freedom we feel when expressing ourselves. I guess this explains my inability to completely satisfy both myself and my narcissistic partner on an emotional level. You could call it b.s. but when you get so used to listening to irrational justifications for someone’s actions, your IDGAF meter ascends. This entry is brought to you by a young black female who is endlessly licking her wounds to try and lessen the incessant need to be the soldier who ends up victorious at the end of every heated debacle. As serious as that may sound, that is what it feels like to have a narcissistic significant other. 

If there is one thing that should be taken away from this entry,…


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